Posture Corrector Shirts, Back Posture Support, made in Japan

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Place of Origin:
Japan, Made In Japan
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Daiya Industry:
Japanese Manufacturer
Orthopedic, Chiropractic, Sports, and Rehabilitation
Our Focus:
Originality and High Quality Products
Market Share:
70% for Chiropractors / Orthopedic Clinics in Japan
100 Piece/Pieces per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
in a carton box and upon your request
Lead Time :
about 1 to 2 months with our original design and brand name

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"Neutral Top"

Posture Correction Shirts for daily activities, fitness, sports to improve your posture Made in Japan


    The concept for our posture corrector is comfortable, easy to wear for all situation. We believe that posture correction requires continous support from everyday life. It is not enough to support temporary posture correction because bad posture results from your everyday custom. So, our posture corrector is a shirt that can be worn everyday. It can be used for many purposes such as supporting your posture in workplace or school. Moreover, it can be used not only for daily activities but also sports activities. 


Suitable for:

1. Bad posture,

2. Running, Fitness, Sports, Walking

3. office workers

4. People who are concerned about lower back pain

5. Losing weight



It leads backbone and scapula to the right position and results in proper postureand ideal body line. By just wearing the posture shirts, it results in beautiful posture and ideal line. In addition, it helps muscles which are not used in daily life to be used and daily movement such as walking, running, cooking, or cleaning will be a training. 


Bad posture symptoms


The back is round shouldered

The face protrudes to the front naturally

Shoulders located behind your earlobes

It causes the followings:
1. Lower back pain
2. Sagging butt
3. Gastroptosis
4. Constipation
5. Cervical disc herniation
6. As the chest does not spread much, it is difficult to breath largely and it takes less oxygen, it is easier to get tired.


Especially for upper limb issue (sway back)

Pulls up the scapula inwardly

Put the "wing" around the pelvis from the back to correct and support pelvis tilt

Curvy and feminine waist line


Other Posture Support

Darwin Shoulder Relief:


Neutral Band:

Neutral Tights:



   Daiya Industry has 70 % market share in Chiropractors and Bone Setters and we have dealt with 30,000 clinics for 50 years.

   The innovative products are developed from the customer's point of view and reflect the creative and passionate way of work within the company in order to answer to customers needs and wishes.

We can offer perfect solution which is suitable for each client


Key 1Product Development based on Research




All of our products are based on ergonomics.


   When developing a new product, we always analyze and evaluate the product by testing the product in functionality and materials. In addition to the test, the product is examined by doctors, physicians, and chiropractors. 


Key 2: Manufacturing


    All our products are handmade in our factory in Japan. We focus on products quality and we pay attention to the smallest detail for utmost customer satisfaction.


   Our Production Department (Cutting, Sewing, Inspecting)

   We have followed the quality management system ISO 9001 since 2002 to meet worldwide standards.

ISO 9001 (Quality Management): Obtained it in 2002

ISO 27001 (Information Security Management): Obtained it in 2007

ISO 14001(Environmental Management): Obtained it in 2008

ISO 13485 (Medical Devices): Obtained it in 2014


All the process are performed in Japan. Our aim is to improve the health and wellbeing of every person so as to increase the smiles on their faces. We are motivated to develop the best products with the best quality. 


Key 3: Originality & Variety & Experience



   Daiya Industry has 70 % market share in Orthopedic fields such as Chiropractors and Bone Setters and we have dealt with more than 30,000 clinics for 50 years. In terms of product development, our company cooperates with a national University in Japan as well.

In addition,  product range comprises more than 200 products such as Back braces, Knee supporters, Ankle supporters and so on.


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